Solar Eclipse Energy for April 19th – 20th 2023

I was writing the other day when I was laid out in my chair from the pain. Here’s what I’ve got so far…. Solar (moon gets in the way of the sun – so, the sun goes dark) Eclipse April 19-20th – all taking place in the sign of ARIES. Topics in YOUR FACE! Because, […]

Turning Intuition Into Concrete Forms

Do you know how hard it is to find a certified tarot school?  I think there are perhaps two that I was able to find over the years, but when looking deeper int0 their curriculums I found it discouraging seeing how many of the posted classes were more about developing sight and intuition rather than […]

Lilith in Leo

Lilith in Leo That sudden push to reach for success Curious that Pinocchio came to life from the hands of Geppetto, a creator.  Geppetto dreamed a dream, which is Cancer energy and that part always comes first. We wonder if we can truly build something so beautiful, or amazing, or stunning or shocking and sometimes […]