Miriam Kramer

“Miriam’s first psychic sightings began at 12-years-old.  Every few years, the instinct would alert her that something was there, but in the world she lived in – those ideas were seen as ‘crazy,’ ‘insane,’ and ‘psychotic.’  Miriam can see death more clearly than any other subject, which further pushed her, socially, into a box where her gifts were seen as dangerous and outside of ‘normal.’  

As the years progressed, Miriam’s identity shifted through further death, loss of her original faith, homelessness, and the loss of her three children to parental alienation.  Outwardly, every identifying structure was taken from her and eventually replaced with a new understanding of a spiritual structure based in the 12-Step Program of Al-Anon, which is for the friends and family members of alcoholics and addicts.
This new belief system allowed Miriam to embrace her natural gifts according to the God of her own understanding, which expands to all humans: dignity, acceptance, patience, joy and the most wonderful understanding that the Divine Collective is fully supportive of every step we take in these lifetimes. There is always hope.
Through this new system, Miriam’s gift was allowed to be fully developed, which happened quite quickly once that block was removed.  Instead of hiding in shame for being different, Miriam stood tall and allowed herself to expand.  Now, the visions become clear, the dreams come true, the messages that come have all proven to provide peace, acceptance, closure, new paths, new directions and removal of mental blocks that her clients experience.
To be mentally locked in indecision, to feel controlled as if there are no other options available, to keep the pain close and never release, to believe that the world you currently have can never change or alter – these are the states of mind that Miriam’s work unlocks. Over the past 5 years,  hundreds have been given the information they need to close the door to old chapters and embrace the bravery to enter the new.  Miriam has never received a message that has caused harm to another person.  The counsel she receives has never directed someone to induce pain in another person.  
These messages are for freedom.  Your freedom.  Your peace of mind.  Your ability to know beyond a fact that you are going to make a good choice for your life.”