Turning Intuition Into Concrete Forms

Do you know how hard it is to find a certified tarot school?  I think there are perhaps two that I was able to find over the years, but when looking deeper int0 their curriculums I found it discouraging seeing how many of the posted classes were more about developing sight and intuition rather than learning tarot.  Google searches into the topic of finding a certified school would usually lead me straight into a wall of, “Tarot cannot be taught because it is done through intuition.”  That one idea haunted me for 2 years as the curriculum developed.  The question of creating something with a concrete form that does not alter or change the individual’s natural intuitive processes lent to the worry and fret spent on the development of the courses offered on this page.

Think ‘Chemist,’ or ‘Alchemist,’ or ‘Farmer,’ or “Coder.’  Each role is assigned with a container of some kind in which magic occurs.  In Eastern philosophies, they call these containers ‘mandalas.’  As the commander and chief over the container, the chemist, alchemist, farmer or coder each takes the responsibility of allowing magic to happen on the inside.  In truth, I believe that each person has the magic contained inside of their body whether by sound, sight, touch, smell, hearing or even that sneaky sixth sense people make movies about.  The magic is inside us all.  I trust that concept to my core.  If given a safe container to practice their inner skill, most people will try.

In the end, without overthinking it, it took me months to work backwards to create the classes.  Getting fed up with myself, I took out a blank sheet of paper and said, “Miriam, what are the steps, however fast or slow, in the process of doing whatever it is that you do?”  Well, dangit, Jim.  That meant I had to slow myself down and pay attention to every little nuance of action.  Why?  Because reading the tarot is done by intuition!  Finding the boundaries of my own container was the first step, and then I started writing.

Relating to the people in my class,  I respect their intuition above all other techniques or methods taught.  If your intuition comes flying out, no matter the form, roll with it!  Skip the cards, and just do it!  Over the years, I’ve come to realize that the cards are more like the crutch or prosthetic to Spirit’s guidance.  Don’t get me wrong.  Folks can really take off and fly like a bird with their channeling ability.  These days when faced with a speaker who gets out of control, my meditations bring me to Sagittarius and Pisces energy getting a little out of control.  Combine those two energies, and you’ve got a zealot evangelist hyping up a crowd.  (Eye roll.)  Keeping on target and focusing on the actual answers, now that’s where I personally think the messenger needs to stay grounded in, but who am I?  I’m nobody.  Everyone has an opinion, including me.

If keeping the energy in a laser-like focus becomes difficult, we tend to move our eyes downward to the cards for redirection.  The cards are the crutch.  The prosthetic.  The concrete form.  I explain that in my classes.  The cards, which are earth energy, grounds our air energy back into the canal where the message can flow towards the right direction.  So, as I recorded my intuitive nature, I wrote the steps.  It actually worked.  There were steps to the process.  Finding keys in those steps kept me in a state of awe.  Where the heck did I come up with this stuff?

Yet, my container held it all.  What kind of crazy magic is that?  Given that all of us have some kind of spiritual gift or magic inside of us, how would you direct others to find that place inside of themselves.  We each are our own commander and chief over the vessel, container or mandala that we’ve chosen to live in while here on earth.  I’m not God.  Neither are you.  We each chose the body we reside in.  So, the only logical thing I could do next was offer my steps, the crutch, the grounding tool.  And, that’s where the classes flowed towards during the development.  Steps, methods, techniques, all things earth and air energy is built around, that’s the core and limit of what anyone could teach you or me.  To read the tarot by my example or by your own, you’re building or altering a container to flow your energy through.  Adopt a method, try it on for size.  See how you like it.   Observe whether it’s natural to you or not.

How would I know what’s best for your secret magic?  You know you best, and I know me.  The best I could do was create an outline of samples, a buffet of options, and maybe that’s why certified tarot courses are a ridiculous idea.  No one else can command or captain your ship.  Only you.  Tips and tricks are found along the way, but ultimately, no one can direct or reshape your container but you.  Take it to higher flights over mountains or to the depths of the sea.  And, if, by chance, you find yourself flying down a highway with the music cranked up, think of me for a moment and know that I’d be just as happy to fly down the road with you.

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