Solar Eclipse Energy for April 19th – 20th 2023

I was writing the other day when I was laid out in my chair from the pain. Here’s what I’ve got so far….
Solar (moon gets in the way of the sun – so, the sun goes dark) Eclipse
April 19-20th – all taking place in the sign of ARIES.
Topics in YOUR FACE! Because, it’s ARIES after all…..
Animal instinct, LOUD, fast, sex (lots 😜), your own personal sexual preferences, finding seeds to plant, warrior, fight, knives, weapons, blood, Divine Masculine energies, what makes you YOU, planting your flag in the ground, independent, self-sufficient, ALIVE.
The “I Am” The “I exist” The breathe inside of your body
“When man had to cease breathing as an animal – instinctively – and to begin breathing as a man deliberately.
From this moment, man began to act as a master of the life-force. He began to operate at a higher level of individual selfhood, establishing slowly his own rhythm of being, his own valuations, his own universe.”
~Dane Rudhyar; New Mansions for New Men 1938
We cannot escape our animal self. We must own ourselves. Accept ourselves and those animal, primordial desires that pull us towards ourselves.
Unfortunately, there are times when that very obvious desire that we reach for to confirm we exist, i.e. ‘my house,’ ‘my family,’ ‘my sexual urge,’ ‘my universe.’ can clash with those around us who are also doing the same function.We may find that our inner self does not match up with those around us. So, we either fight for our rights to exist, or we lay down in submission to deny ourselves.  We become exiled in some way.
Thus, during this Solar Eclipse, which is usually set for very large activity at the height of our public figures in government and national positions, also government actions and corporations, we, too, may find ourselves feeling some of this energy as a collective.
Also, please let’s not forget this eclipse is for the sun. Solar flare-ups, volcanoes, fires, heat, huge light. The sun is the center of the universe. So, people may try to put themselves at the center of things.
Okay – now, on to the astrology layout. It’s an outline, but it’ll work for now.
Solar Eclipse for April 19-20th
Our emotions line up with the sun for a brief period causing a sudden chasm with two ideas to form in our minds.
One says, “This isn’t reflecting who I really am. I’m not sure if I can go along with this.”
The other thought says, “I believe in my life choices, wants and wishes. I believe that these things are the true me inside. All things are possible. I can do this. I’m not ashamed of who I am.”
We can see Lilith hard at work in Leo with this aspect squaring the Sun, Moon and NN (in Taurus) and just a slight sprinkling of Jupiter in there. The Sun and Moon and Jupiter will be in Aries in the last degrees.
This is very important. Those last degrees are part of what’s called, “special degrees.” We are at the completion of a journey.
This kick-start, with the planetary actions, will rev your engines, for sure. The possible vs. the disappointment in the present. You can go along to get along, yes, but you’ll be leaving a large part of yourself behind.
Do we stand up for hope? Or, do we stand up for the way we’ve been?
One will require bravery and faith (Lilith), leaning on the ideas and dreams inside of our hearts and minds. The other will include the denial of your true self with all of its disappointments and possibly depressions.
Will someone force a more constricting box around your plans? Will the individual understand that creation cannot be done in a war zone? Will they understand they need to pay attention and feed the urgency to protect, guard, assist or keep their own individuality in some manner?
Perhaps you will confront both sides of that coin at once. With the one hand, reaching for a workable system that helps to contain an issue, and the other hand with allowing more of a personal allowance of freedom to a person, place, thing or system – maybe even a routine or ritual.
Joining these two opposites together is the challenge. Lilith is amping up her ambitions in a square to the NN where all the action is at, which says to slow your roll there, hoss. No one said we could move that fast and expect good results.
Please beware of moving too fast. The energy has a very sudden even t that could occur at home or with an enemy or with our money. The Mars in Cancer is pushing to establish the different camps of ideas that will have us feel safe, protected, warm and at ease that all is well.
Women and womanly issues will be part of the focus. Roles people put on us to play in their lives, or roles we assume for ourselves. Is this a role I really want to play?
Planting sees of new hopes (also called ejaculating in a purposeful place that will take root) for a beautiful return will be calling you to reach out and take that which reflects the real you.
The power punch to the entire chart is that square in the last degrees of both Capricorn, Pluto, Sun, Moon, NN etc. People are ready to break out of the box. People may aggressively be prepared to protect (Mars in Cancer) their little corner of their world.
Look around you as this is happening. Understand that the person in front of you is not you, but is yelling against something in their world they’ve been shy or embarrassed or too meek to voice.
Like a volcano, this real you is going to push through the barrier and come out into the Sun.
Answer the call of your instinct. See the real you come out. Accept and be proud of who you really are.
You are a piece of the Divine Collective, and you were chosen to enter into a body so the Divine Collective could see and experience more of this world/system through you.
What will you be today, Divine Being? Who will you be today? How will you rise to the surface so they can all see the world through your life?
Give it to ’em, Brave Soul. Take off and go. They are collecting your life, and They are thrilled that it is YOU.
All of my admiration and respect,
~Miriam Chosen and Divine Being

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