New Moon in Virgo September 14, 2023

New Moon in Virgo for September 14, 2023

Mercury has slowed down preparing to alter direction.  Here, at the last minute, we understand something in a way that we were not prepared to comprehend.  This piece of information changes our position in our minds, as we suddenly realize the idea or the imagination, we previously held was not true nor beneficial.

You’re feeling in the flow of what it is that you need to do.  Confidence may be rising with earlier skills and experiences, however, the energy in Virgo is an energy of either humbleness or humility.  Even with the confidence you have, there is always something new to learn.  Be open to constructive criticism, teaching or different ideas.  If not, the warning is that conversations will become so critical and analytical, a verbal fight may erupt.

There is an important relationship, even with yourself, that is being ‘freed up’ in some way.  The latch that held things together may unhook, leaving you either stranded or disrespected.  Each person is navigating a path that marks their own benefit in relationships right now.  It should be very evident who is meant to stay and who is meant to go.

Mercury in Virgo with Pluto in Capricorn took a screen or filter through our lives one last time, picking up the tools, ideas, people, jobs, money or homes that will ‘stick’ for the long haul.  Be prepared to say goodbye to those areas of your life that didn’t make it into the filter net.  Those struggling to hold on will face-plant into humiliation that may be public.

Announcements of change will be presented at high levels.  And, just as it is in our personal lives, these organizations, governments, schools, hospitals and so forth, also have their agendas for what works best for those individual structures.  Again, remember the trap.  Just because you feel expert in some way for what you can build, create, or think does not mean there isn’t more to learn.

Remain at peace with the transitions, as they are meant to stay in place when Pluto enters Aquarius in January 2025.  Virgo appreciates putting things together.  Placements into categories or labels or schedules will feel very good right now.  Cleaning, organizing and inventories will either be completed by the New Moon or they will become such an issue that most will find themselves bending the knee to the embracing of a trash can, label maker, paintbrush or any new methodd to help give you the tools you need to remain on task.

Please remain within the limits of your power, whether that power is the power of your money, your body or your mind.  Virgo rules limits, and if not taken seriously, this could put you in the way of a consequence.  Most have already reached that point, but now, more than ever, remain in your lanes and limits.  Risky behavior attached to a new action or pursuit can create a humiliating experience.

Virgo also appreciates using themselves as the example for doing something ‘right.’  Ethics and morals will become highlighted.  Yet, again, everyone has created those individual ideas inside of themselves.  Please remain open to conversations, and please ask the questions you need to ask so all are on the same page.  Make a list, if you must, but please do not ‘wing it.’

In 2 weeks, we will see the Full Moon in Aries, and that timeframe can create positions on the chessboard of me/mine vs. you/yours.  Either you will be on the same page, or eruptions may occur.  Keep your people updated and stay in your lane.

Lastly, Virgo can be sharp in their communication.  Remain polite, bendable, teachable, and malleable.  Just because someone uses an ‘absolute,’ does not mean the advancement will go exactly as they say it will.  Sometimes, putting our hands on a thing can give us more experience that will add new information.  Practice, practice, practice and see where this new beginning will take you and yours.

May your life be peaceful, restful, and full in the confidence of the natural flow.

Cheers to new developments!

~M ❤️


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