Lilith in Leo

Lilith in Leo

That sudden push to reach for success

Curious that Pinocchio came to life from the hands of Geppetto, a creator.  Geppetto dreamed a dream, which is Cancer energy and that part always comes first. We wonder if we can truly build something so beautiful, or amazing, or stunning or shocking and sometimes we doubt our own confidence that the dream can turn into something appreciated by others watching.  We sit with the dream in our imagination, play with the dream while turning the thoughts over and over in our minds and hearts would point to Pisces energy.  Desire, which is Scorpio energy, to make that dream come true begins building a fire inside of our hearts with a passion and focus on development.

Geppetto’s dream probably never included for his creation to run ragged on a naïve, runaway adventure getting stuck in the belly of a whale.  That’s how dreams work, though.  Once set free, the creation itself begins its own journey in the hearts and minds of others.  We see that relationship between Leo energy and Aquarius energy.  The creator needs an audience who will receive or reject the creation given because gifts and talents and displays need to have a use for the audience.  There is a vulnerability when presenting our dream to the world, at large.  The intimacy of letting our walls down in front of other people is nerve wracking.  Perhaps, if we knew the answer to why this is important to do, it will make more sense.  One song can incite emotions in a larger population.  One building can incite loyalty in a community.  One book can move nations.  One dancer can create a culture.  One athlete can inspire a generation.  One idea can make a movement.  One piece of art can mesmerize thousands of millions.  What is inside of you has the power to effect the part of an audience on a larger scale than just one-on-one contact.

I once lived in an apartment complex with a neighbor who spent almost all of his free time listening or watching sports channels with a passion.  One day, I asked him, “What is it that makes you absorb yourself so hard into following so many sports channels?”  His answer changed my perspective forever.  He said, “When a team plays all together on a field or on a court, they have done the hard work to accomplish the feat of beating out all other competition to have earned a place on that court or field.  Each athlete has the characteristics we all want to have.  They’ve applied discipline and bravery and skill.  So, when the fans are watching together, we want to be like them.  We want to have that discipline and strength.  We want to feel like heroes.”  Well, that made sense.  One Leo can show the world inner strength and characteristics we all want to have.  That’s inspiring and motivating.

Earned work brings attention, yes, but also admiration.  True talent takes work, discipline, application and follow-through.  Who wouldn’t want to have those ideal characteristics inside of them?  Most younger Leos in the early degrees of the sign tend to show off, find popularity a serious social pressure and love to compete to win. Leos will either run free on a party binge or flirt with anything that moves or show off their bodies, faces and pets for attention. However, over time, the quincunx to Capricorn energy will pull that Leo into Cardinal energy with a motivation that includes more than just attention.  Leos want the admiration and adoration, of course, but truly they want respect.  Respect is not usually given without a form of work behind the experience.  At some point, the energy of Leo will ask, “Is this truly something that builds the kind of respect I really want?”

Sometimes, I wish that law didn’t exist, but there it is.  It’s a hard thing to escape. Dreaming a dream, dreaming of an audience, creating scenes in our heads of equipment or money or flow in the hopes that we checked off all the boxes.  Now, we just need the audience, someone to believe in us.  Someone who wants what we have inside of us.

Then, there’s Lilith, who will remain in the sign of Leo from January 7, 2023 through October 3, 2023, which gives us 8 months to feel her pushing at our potential.  Any strange phone calls lately?  Has anyone called you or emailed you or texted with a belief that you’re the one for the job?  This isn’t about shifting about chores or responsibilities.  It’s about an early acknowledgement from someone outside of yourself that is carrying a torch for you and believing in a talent that you have.  Perhaps right now, you’re wandering about with your head in the clouds wondering where this opportunity came from, and should you take it?

The answer is ‘yes!’  You see, Lilith is here to push us into Leo energy to encourage us to reach as high as we can go with the gusto of a jet engine.   She may give you the emotional wings to fly when this contact happens, and for some of us the inflated balloon will pop because we are afraid.  Geppetto was brave.  His bravery was displayed in every corner of that workshop that dominated most of his home. He lived in a reduced lifestyle and sacrificed himself for his creation.  The guy literally walked away from his entire world to go searching for Pinocchio.  Isn’t that the way it tends to go? Our love and pride in what we know is worthy will have us running after it with a passion most around us don’t understand.  Why creation tends to put us in a state of sacrifice, I will never know.  Just know that energy doesn’t disappear.  We just shift energy from one place and put it in another.

Lilith is a seductress.  When she is in the energy of Leo, our passion to create will seduce us, maybe even push us into that space without our knowing, and we find ourselves face-to-face with the reckoning of our own dreams made into life.  Writers, dancers, musicians and artists may start to pop up all over the place.  New content may flood the internet, and if we’re lucky Hollywood could catch some of this energy, as well.  Movies and music may start to describe and show how important it is to follow our dreams with bravery and step out onto the stage.  We could truly change the world.

I found a lovely writing by Henry David Thoreau that couldn’t describe this energy more accurately.

“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.  He will put some things behind, will pass an invisible boundary; new, universal, and more liberal laws will begin to establish themselves around and within him; or the old laws expanded, and interpreted in his favor in a more liberal sense, and he will live with the license of a higher order of beings.”

Lilith says to ‘take the leap.’

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