You Going My Way? Venus Retrograde

Venus in Retrograde

While this intense period since the Full Moon on August 3rd has been enlightening, I’m positive that when all is said and done, we will have a better cooperative spirit in the months ahead.  It has had its challenges.  I would not want to go through this type of energy all the time.

Here and there and everywhere content on social media has presented us with this picture of Venus retrograde being important during this month.  However, there are other planets in the skies, as well, working just as hard to really trigger us.  Let me explain a bit.

There are two types of ‘Venus’ energy.  One is through self-care, self-indulgence, self-desires and self-protection.  That type of energy is ruled by Taurus.  The second type of energy is Venus showing up in our relationships with others.  This includes the behavior that we typically choose, instinctually, to interact with those around us.  It includes the masks we wear out in public, the exhibit of our personalities, the selection of those we choose as mirrors to our own lives, and the comparisons we impulsively process in this me vs. them type of mentality.  This second type of energy is Venus in Libra.

If I could gauge the percentages of Venus retrograde for August, my guess would be about 70-80% Taurus and about 20-30% Libra.  I’ll leave that there for a moment while I move along with the other interactions in the skies right now.

Out of habit, I never forget that Chiron is in Aries and will not leave Aries permanently until April 14, 2027.  That’s a long time to experience this energy.  The inner crises we tend to have over our own individual choices, preferences, identity, our bodies and appearance, but especially our basic needs come rushing into the picture almost every day.  The silent ‘wound’ we all carry around becomes escalated and drawn to the forefront every single day.

We’re finding that people have been ‘assigned’ a particular identity or role based off of the title they are wearing in life.  These titles carry some form of structure or assumption on how who we are supposed to be in situations but more importantly in relationships.  If someone says, “I’m a Father,” the assumption is that the title, “Father,” means something to those close relationships surrounding the person.  The polarity point to Aries is Libra, the mirror.  So, John Doe becomes a Father.  The entire family, Cancer/Capricorn axis, steps in and says, “You’re a Father now.  You just can’t do whatever you like. (Capricorn – rules).”

The key is whose definition are we using when we step into the title of ‘Father’?  Are we using the legacy and traditions of the family culture, or are we paving that road for ourselves with Aries energy?  To pioneer an entirely new way of being in a role.  The becoming of a title in the role that you have chosen for yourself.  Now, there’s a new idea.

This title thing could be any type of title.  In your musings, take out a pen and paper and just scratch out all the different ‘titles’ you are wearing.  Make a little spider web connection with you in the center and draw out all the people involved in that title.  Right there, you will find a pattern that can help you determine who is the culprit (Scorpio) in trying to control your pioneering efforts.

If I am a ‘wife,’ what does that mean to you?  If I am in a ‘marriage’ (Scorpio), what does that mean to you?  If I am an ‘basketball player,’ what does that mean to you?  If I am the ‘One that always gets things done,’ what does that mean to you?

The way it works is that whatever role or identity you are playing in your own life will be planted and grown in Taurus energy.

This is where Uranus in Taurus kind of kicks in.  In a simpler way, what is happening right now is that Uranus is in a sextile angle to Pluto in Capricorn.  This sudden jerk of energy that literally rips out the seeds or plants from the ground they’ve been growing in.  If you and your loved ones have developed an idea, a culture, a judgement, a system, a plan – all of that gets ripped out in a sudden snatch.

Can you imagine the bewildered state of things right now?  People in every type of household having something we thought was stable being ruptured in a single moment.  Confusion runs rampant.  Offenses and disbelief ruling every encounter.  “How dare you.” “How could you?”  “Who do you think you are?”

For some reason, the Uranus sextile Pluto energy is like a huge vomiting of what we can no longer live with that resides in our minds, hearts and souls.  Even in my own household we are finding that differing ideologies have drawn itself up into our personal lives.  My entire household is merging together because we all agree that some ideas and beliefs are just black and white.  Either you can honor and appreciate the life behind the lifestyle, or you can’t.  There’s just no going back.

The rip, tear, shattering and separations have occurred, upending our previous environments and forcing us to move.  This isn’t because of ‘them’ (Libra).  It’s more about me.

And, right there, you see the purpose behind it all.  This state of being will no longer be tolerated.

Welcome in that gorgeous Mercury conjunct Mars in Virgo, trining both Uranus on one side and Pluto on the other, opposite Neptune in Pisces.

Judgement day followed by action.  Not because of you but because of me.

The challenge of Mercury being in it’s own sign with Mars (Aries) energy would be enough for anyone to explode in communication that is anti the authority (Saturn) of the disillusionments that the system has been working and is just fine.  No, it is not just fine.  Not with me. (Chiron in Aries).

Never forget that Aries energy is very self-involved, self-ish and self-satisfying.  Personally, I think Venus in retrograde just sped up the process that was going to happen eventually.  It just happens to be in August instead of  February of next year.

Today, the Sun (Leo – show me/show off /light up/expose/create) is with that Venus retrograde right now.  It’s illuminating that area of your life that you want to ‘put out there’ in your world.  This could be a particular lifestyle like how your home is managed or decorated or organized.  It could be in your workplace with how you want to experience your final production numbers or goals.  Perhaps, it’s in your marriages and joined partnerships.  Maybe you’d like to see more effort or promises that turn into something other than words.

The square from the Sun to Uranus and Jupiter in Taurus will just make it grow larger and larger until you pull that thing out from the ground – the dead tree – the dead relationship – the dead circumstances – the dead product – the dead system – the dead ideology and deal with it.

Mars conjunct Mercury in Virgo is going to make you decide now what you can and cannot live with.  Whatever it is, it has to go.

Curiously, today shows this beautiful kite formation in the sky that links all of this energy to point towards Neptune in Pisces.  The tip of the kite shows us where all of this energy we carry is supposed to go.

Also, curiously, the Full Moon in Pisces approaches us at the end of the month, August 30-31st 2023.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Pisces is big, ocean water.  Water will only take form when it is held inside of an object or container.  Then, it will form into the shape of the container.

Our Chiron in Aries has outgrown the container it’s been held in.  Neptune in Pisces is asking us to go beyond the normal limits and believe that we are greater than what has been established before.  Pisces rules imagination, and it will surely be inspiring most of us to ‘think outside of the box’ on finding solutions that bring our souls and spirits into a new shape so that we may reside in our natural tides of what is comfortable.

You know me.  It’s homework time.  If we can widdle down what it is that is right for ourselves, we should see that the box we’ve been in no longer reflects back to us the person we want to see or the situation we want to see.  So, widdling that down first will be necessary before you can take the next step.  Spend a couple of days writing it out, making a map, condensing your thoughts and meditations until you can only see what would satisfy you or aid you in continuing to create (Sun in Leo) that which brings you the most pleasure and comfort (Taurus Venus).

Every map starts with you, whether you are asking a question from the map, information from the map or direction from the map – you are the starting point of interaction to the map.  What you need comes first.

Once you can see that perfectly, take a huge step back from the overall immediate environment you’re in.  Who is blocking you?  Whose communications are blocking you?  Whose programming or system or ideology is blocking you?

For right there, you’ve found the dead tree that needs to be weeded out of your garden.  It’s okay to outgrow people, marriages, friends, workplaces.  It’s perfectly okay.  Often, we will tend to be the tallest grass in the field.  Often, we will stand out from the crowd.  Your peak performance needs tweaking, and it’s perfectly okay to be yourself.

You’ll face rejection, yes, but any pioneering effort to adjust that Chiron in Aries is no one else’s business but your own.  They will not carry the consequences of your choices.  They will not be affected as much as you will.  They will not carry it like a weight of responsibility like you will, nor will they feel the intensity of your feelings as you could.

Are you the most important person in your life?  Yes.  It has to be this way.  This is your  journey.  This is your path to walk.

I’ve often found that once I become determined and fixed on having things my way that others around me with either fix themselves as a satellite to my own Sun or they will become uncomfortable with which my brightness shines and move away from me.

Keep in mind that we can only take responsibility for our own actions.  How others react or respond to your decision…  that’s their lane of responsibility.  Keep it clean, keep it civil and keep it because you need it.

Good luck, and I’ll see you on the flip side of this thing.  Full Moon in Pisces – letting it go/surrendering.

I love you all, My Collective.