Tarot Class Information

Right now, my current tarot class is about to enter their last week with me next Sunday.  I record each class session for each individual class and send them the link in an email each week so they may have that information forever to look back on.  New Tarot class registrations will open soon!!!

Adding today’s email to the class, I’d like to show a little bit of what we cover.  

((<<Hello! Class!>>))

With the hope of expanding and adding a stronger relationship to your cards, today we covered the history of the originating time period around the Viscontti Tarot.  We covered the ages, agendas and identities of the Court Cards and their purposes in battle.

Curiously, because of the evolution of philosophy over the centuries, the ideas around each meaning of each card has also evolved to meet the times.

Next week, we follow the evolution of the philosophies up to the time of 1909 with Aurthur Rider-Waite exploring the Pythagoras belief that “all is numbers.”  Because the tarot has systems of Progressions, we must personally assign a progression to our understanding.

We will also cover the progression of various symbols through the Major Arcana.  Some of these progressions with the symbols were intentional, and we will be able to see how well-developed the client is when presenting us with their issues.

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