Your Past-Life Regression through Extrasensory Perception (ESP)


Similar to a past-life regression, my ability to channel includes going into your past lives memory-by-memory, which finally links everything together at the end. Yes, I can see future lives.



Past Life-Regression Channeling Extrasensory Perception (ESP) Reading.

May this session answer as many questions for you as it can. Knowledge like this can bring an amazing life change towards peace. That has always been my goal from day one. I did find inner peace and acceptance through the astrology and past-life sessions I’ve had. It gives a reason as to why certain things had to occur and why I needed to release the situation and let go. I tell my subscribers, “We can handle anything if we know the reasons why.”

  • Please remain calm and clear. Ground. Release any outcome.  And, yes, I also received the email for this confirmation. 
  • PLEASE DO NOT TELL ME ANYTHING.  It will destroy the authenticity of the reading!!

I will not record the session without a $30 payment made 24 hours in advance.  If we are going to record, I will need your email sent to so that I can create a Zoom meeting link and ensure we have it beforehand.

You can pay $30 for me to record here.


VENMO: @Miriam-Kramer-8

CASHAPP: $MKramer447


***Please note that I do have physical disabilities that may interrupt our appointment time.  If this occurs, I will let you know as soon as I can. ***


Readings are for over 18s ONLY, unless your parent and I discuss it beforehand.  Please email me if you’d like that option:

For Entertainment Purposes only, please use this reading at your discretion when making life-changing decisions.

NO REFUNDS are given if you are unable to make the appointment.  Your confirmation email will allow you to reschedule.