“My Happy Place II” Seascape Art

“My Happy Place II”

My journey over the last 11 months has been nothing short of a Lifetime movie. One day I decided to do something that would distract me from all of the madness and I bought a canvas. I didn’t know what I wanted to paint or even how. I just wanted to paint. I thought of my friend Leslie. She loves the beach. It’s her happy place. I wanted a happy place. So I painted the beach and I haven’t stopped since.

My friend Lindsey said it’s me painting through the pain and how right she was!That is my therapy. My escape. I hope when you look at my pieces you’ll see the “happy places” that I chose instead of defeat.

Acrylic & Texture

8″x 8” gallery wrapped canvas

Certificate of Authenticity included.

Each Canvas will be packaged with quality and care and include the title of the painting and a short description.

My canvases and paint are professional grade and are made using only the highest quality materials. Every canvas is ready to hang or can be used as shelf art.

If you’d like your canvas varnished I offer gloss, satin and matte finishes.
Paintings are signed and dated on the back of the canvas.

Prints available upon request.

If you have any questions, please let me know, I’m happy to answer them. Customer service is important to me so please let me know if there is any other way that I can assist you.