Preparing for the Energy to Shift!

More than ever, I truly believe that as Lilith moves out of Gemini we are going to experience some focus on a specific area of our lives that we haven’t given much thought to in the past.  As Lilith moves into Cancer, it will bring the insecurity of this area.  It’s an area that is built on quicksand, tilted like a shack on an open beachfront with no protection.  

Over the 9 months that Lilith moves through Cancer, at first we will be shocked at the true condition in front of us.  THEN, we will move into providing more of a solid assurity, giving this area more love, attention, time and effort.  

The entire situation will include emotions that flow in and out, thus making it difficult to manage, control or even contain.  These emotions may be shared, separate from  yourself, too much included in your self; back and forth the energy will flow, which will make the working out that much more difficult.  Be prepared for others to be afraid due to the insecure position everyone is in.  Over the course of the 9 months, that should change.

My hope is that we all kind of move through this thing with grace.  When others push us to places we don’t want to go, I hope the gentle reminder of boundaries are forefront in our mines.  As people come to us for comfort or attention, I hope we stop and appreciate that we are the trusted person to share in their experience.  


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