North Node Aries South Node Libra “How to Make a Relationship Work”

Here we are in the last bits of time with the nodes about to make a major shift of focus for all of us. You hear me say the statement all the time, “When a planet moves out of a {zodiac} sign, it always drops something on our head.”
Whether it be good or bad, the energy is real, folks.
By now, it should be obvious what the power shift is all about. Tearful ripping away of cherished relationships paired with an Ace of Wands/Ace of Cups feeling that a new dream is hatched, and you’re determined to make that dream happen.
The true test of success will be in 18 more months. For those of you that are curious as to comparing historical events to current timelines, here is a list of the years when the North Node in Aries and South Node in Libra happened. Maybe there is an echo across the timelines.
  • Jan 27, 1949 – Jul 26, 1950
  • Aug 20, 1967 – Apr 19, 1969
  • Apr 7, 1986 – Dec 2, 1987
  • Dec 27, 2004 – Jun 22, 2006
  • Jul 18, 2023 – Jan 11, 2025
And…. that’s when I see that my mother was born 6 months before that first one. Nice. Birthing mother energy.
Notice, also, where the Sun and Mercury are at in this moment of transition. The Sun is shining in Cancer.
Birthing Mercury. Birthing the mother. Nurturing, Homeland, womb, inner spirit in the way we see ourselves. The urge to establish. The urge of a nest. The urge of a nest full of developing eggs.
In this moment, your heart is singing a song, and the trine (easy energy; good karma) is flowing from Saturn to help you begin the structuring of the framework. You can see it. You can hear it. It happened in a sudden, and now your heart is a wreck of shock, not knowing the surreal energy of Pisces could be this way.
Pluto’s transformative power is beginning to bend the steel, not with fire, but with water energy. Think ship wreckages that always have ‘gold.’ The sounds of metal screeching at a high pitch, but also reminds you of the songs that dolphins sing.
If we could move back in time and find a second chance at things, would we at least try? Are we willing and open to receiving the gift of ‘the way it should’ve been all along?” And, there it is again. Hope.
Each time I think of hope, I think of that prisoner of war inmate who stood in the cold and hot mornings during roll call with a smile on his face. When asked how he could be so happy during such a time, his answer sticks with me. “Each morning, I play Beethoven’s 5th symphony in my mind. For what’s in the mind cannot ever be taken.”
What wisdom. Pluto pushes, pulls, rips, tears, grinds, destroys, shoves, shapes and kneads us all at the moment. It’s almost as if He backed up into Capricorn, as if he ‘forgot’ something.
Renewed dreams and hopes, sudden alterations and messy separations, renewed passion and outlook, thinking outside of the box and driven to make dreams raised and up righted.
And, once we are on the other side of the river, all intact, in place and safe, like the pioneers who began their journeys across the plains of Africa, the mountains of Tibet, The Oregon Trail, we see that sometime during the river crossing someone put a crown on your head.
With Aries in the North Node, it’s your turn. It’s your try. It’s the swapping of the jump rope players, the swap out of pilots in the cockpits and the keys to the buildings are now in your hands.
And, what will you do with the power of your second chance?
Old relationship tactics, new digital world, the power to destroy and the power to build bridges. For as many years as you’ve been experiencing your person Chiron, in this moment, what is your position? What is your strategy? How will you enforce it? What rules will you have to put in place?
Will you turn to those relationships you were just torn from, or will you seek out more of an open mind with new comparisons and new information.
Those that have mastered this skill will absolutely (Saturn) know the power of influence. For how long have the readers and speakers and writers been alerting us all this time? To raise our conscious awareness’s. To grow beyond our counterparts. To elevate our level of how we see a situation or see a problem or see a loss?
Have we changed the thought pattern inside of our heads to see the good in people, as well as the bad? What about those who have shifted the way they discern and judge a situation? Many of you have lost jobs, sat back and said, “That job was not the right job for me because I’ve outgrown it. The new job is more my frequency. The one that is coming.”
So many of you have trained in learning the skill of relationships (Libra). You are able to say goodbye without fear or regret. To let go of hurt, frustration, anger and loss. I’ve sat with you. I’ve met you. You’ve become a useful tool to build bridges when they are burning down.
Some of you are gaining leadership inside of groups. You’ve learned the statement, “Let go and let God. A group is a safe space for all to involve themselves, as they will.” You’ve learned that it’s not about who comes and goes. Your job is to hold the space together, and sometimes, it’s your job to let that space go to others.
This shift of the Nodes are going to affect a lot of people around you. Perspectives on relationships are going to change. A lot.
Be open with your hands and your hugs. Hold the space for those who are lucky enough to be sent your way. And, smile as they are ready to launch and leave. This is the mother energy. We hold them, and we birth them. Remember their moon sign and know that mermaids are

clipper ship

always calling.