Defining an Ego – Part 1

Defining an Ego – Part One

Perhaps, I’m like everyone else scanning through YouTube tarot readers, and a pattern I’ve found throughout the readings has to do with this subject of ‘ego’ being a bad personality trait. I’d like to even the playing field a bit and make things a little fairer. Ego is a necessary part of life. Without the ego, we have no identity and we do not have the individual perspective of our own lives.

Expanding that point, consider that every experience you have comes from you. Something inside of you is watching things unfold. Something inside of you has feelings about what you’re seeing. It’s that part of your insides that calls for a clarity or understanding of what’s going on around you. Your life is taken in by you and experienced by you. That is your ego.

When you compare yourself to others, you’re using your ego to work that function. Your ego has been developed from birth into a multi-faceted, mercurial thing. Each life experience you have can either alter, modify, add to or remove from the existing ego you possess. When someone else’s ego pushes out to the front and behaves in an offensive way, your insides retract with a feeling of protection or removal. That’s a normal function.

Egos tend to be influenced by their surroundings. I like to thing of them as a beautiful inner cloud or fog that lightens with aura colors, flexes and moves inside of you with interactions of the world around you. Some egos are generous and want to cover and protect others. Some egos are strong and willful in the desire for ambition, growth and conquering life.

Enjoying what Jeffrey Green quotes in his School of Evolutionary Astrology,

“The ego is necessary to subjective consciousness. It allows for each of us to create a distinct self-image. If you did not have an ego, you could not even speak your own name. It would just be diffused inner images.

They would not have a specific form…in spiritual evolutionary terms is not getting rid of the ego, but re-identifying the ego…to redefine it to what?…That which creates creation in the first place…

Most people are in fact defined through their singularness or their ego…people having an ego inside now create a message within themselves that somehow they have a vision of how something should be ruled and structured and then convince themselves, through their ego, that they are right.

And, then, because of this, create mass destruction of hundreds and thousands of other people who also have egos, but are not being impacted upon the imposition of these egos…there is the creation of the ego and then the impact of the ego.”

The entire point is comprised of

(1) How an ego is developed and

(2) What is that individual ego creating?

We have the power to adjust our egos and begin to create a different world, if we can recognize that we do have control over our own inner change and where to direct that energy. Mastering the control of our influence, the input of our purpose and projecting that into the world – we create our lives to the conditions we wish them to be. Personal accountability for all we have created – it is a strong ethos I apply to my tarot readings. We are the center of our creation. We are the masters of our egos.

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