Breakneck Speed, Why to Avoid It and How Tarot Helps in the Process

Lucky me. The doctor sent me home for a day of rest. As I sit here at the computer goofing off, I realize that a particular thought happens upon me more than I realize regarding the Tarot. This is a thought that I’ve wanted to explain to my subscribers, clients and readership for a long time. Perhaps, today is the day I set it in stone.

We humans have five senses: sight, touch, smell, hearing, tasting. If developed, we carry six: intuition. Let’s pretend that I invite you over to my house. We’re standing in my front yard, and I say, “Isn’t this the most beautiful yard?” My expectation would be that you lift your head (thus lifting your eyes and nose and ears), glance up and down and around, using all of your senses, and say, “My Dear Lord above. It truly is an amazing yard.”

Just having you stand for a moment in a singular spot, you’d be reading the world with all of your senses. Imagine moving like walking or running or jumping or skipping or driving along, and you’d be scanning the world as you go with all five or six of your senses. The concept isn’t hard to imagine because you’re very adept at doing this particular function every day of your life. Life, and better put, the absorption of life is spent at a breakneck speed.

Now, step into the Tarot with me a moment, and see what I see.

You’ve heard it all before, “Ask ONE question at a time……” Yes. As a Tarot reader, the cards will only answer one question at a time, unless I’m actively engaging my intuition. I’d like to emphasize that idea one more time. The cards will answer only one question at a time……unless I’m using my intuition.

When you come to me, as an inquirer, you’re banking on the hope and wish that I’m engaging BOTH my reading skills and my intuition. It’s true that there are times when my intuition kicks in and overrides what I see in the cards. I do have great days where my intuition is very awake on your behalf. In this article, though, I’d like to remove the discussion of my intuition. It will help make my point.

Let’s step back into the world of pretend. I invite you into my home. We sit at the table, and you ask me to lay the cards on your behalf. You have a question. Assuming that my intuition is having a bad day that day, let’s remove that from the equation of the story. I accept the plea for help and take my cards out. You ask your question. I shuffle the cards and breathe. After I lay the spread, I take a moment to see what the cards have to say, and you wait to hear the answer.

Of course, what you can’t see is that the cards can only answer one question…….

Let’s step back outside in the yard again. Let’s take away five of your six senses. Let’s pretend you have the abilities of our precious Helen Keller and only give you touch. Sincerely, you can stand in a beautiful yard not knowing the light and colors, the smell of the water and grass and flowers, the sound of the birds in the trees or the traffic in the far distance. You wouldn’t necessarily know that I was anywhere near you. You’d feel alone, quiet, anticipatory and on edge.

When I lay the cards, this is how that moment looks. I see the answer to the singular question. There is no more information than that.

But, to get to that point, we have to strip away all other senses involved, all other questions involved. We have to slow down life at a break neck speed and bring every sense into alignment using a focus towards singularity. We can’t look at everything else in the yard. We must only choose one thing using one sense.

Therapists, counselors, pastors and teachers use this method. Each person slows you down to focus. The Tarot does the same thing. Tarot cannot answer a million questions at once. It is impossible to read the Tarot at a break neck speed. It is also impossible to truly understand an experience in our lives at that rate, either. To truly connect with an experience, a moment, an answer with a question: we must slow down life into singularity.

Maybe this is why meditation is so important. Maybe this is why it’s important to sit with a friend and open ourselves to our individual vulnerabilities. Life is lived at a breakneck speed, but we cannot glean life in that manner. Slowing down to experience moments is how we truly attain awakening within our experiences.

Many folks come to me and ask for readings. In 60 minutes, the client’s expectations are sometimes further out of range than I can possibly do. The questions will come from every arena of their world: Where is the love of my life? What about my career? Will I have more money? How can I save my children?

For those of you that have sat with me before, you already know – I slow the process down. If the experience is in your life, we answer these questions one at a time. The art of Tarot isn’t a slot machine at a casino in Las Vegas or Lake Charles. It’s not a microwave in the kitchen heating meals in 30 seconds. Tarot is not an ATM spitting out answers like dollar bills.

My hope is that when any of you see one of my YouTube videos or sit with me in person, the mutual agreement is that we will slow down a particular moment together and share in that experience with a comprehension that encompasses the ability to take in one sense at a time as we steep ourselves in the present while still seeing how a situation will unfold where we can make better choices for our future.

This method works miracles. In this way, the Tarot helps us to ground ourselves, meditate on the present and become singularly focused in a way that can benefit our world.

“I believe everything that happens in our life has meaning, that each experience brings a message, if we’re willing to hear it.” ~ Oprah Winfrey

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