YOUTUBE IS DOWN! :( Oh nooooo!!!!

Hi, Everyone!!!  

Such a frustrating moment!  YouTube is down in a lot of places around the US.  I am being affected here, as well.  This is why the Air Signs link for today is not working – also, this is why yesterday’s Water Sign link isn’t working, either.  

I assure you that I am here monitoring the situation so that I can make any corrections once things get up and running again.  

I will also be going live later for the Air Signs reading, as the production of the last one was interrupted by a doctor’s phone call.  So, as soon as YouTube is up and running, we will give the Live session a GO!  


Pluto in the 5th House

The search for finding what makes you special and apart from everyone else can take several lifetimes to find.  Learn more about this placement and

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