Astrology Lesson #1 – Through a Circuit Breaker Panel

Astrology seem confusing to you? Read on, Fellow Traveler, be confused no longer!

Is there such a thing as GOOD or BAD energy? Everyone together shouting from the back corners of the room yell, “Energy is just energy!” That’s right! Energy is only energy. Yet, there are cases where energy can be used to do good things, and energy can be used to do bad things. In the following blog article, I’m going to show you two different ways that energy flows through humans using an Astrology Birth/Natal Chart by using a circuit breaker panel as an analogy.

Let’s all start at the beginning, though. Once upon a time, there was a Power Plant…….

The Power Plant near your city generates this mad amount of energy and sends it through these thick wires to poles dotting the highway straight to the pole in front of your house.

At this point, if you stick your head out of the door there, you’ll see a wire running from the top of that pole where that bird is down to the side or back of your home.

The wire leading from that pole outside, to the wire going inside of your home leads to? CIRCUIT BREAKER PANEL

Yes, that’s a Circuit Breaker Panel in the picture, there. And, inside that Circuit Breaker Panel, the energy is divided, much like a flow of traffic on the freeway, to split off and run to every section of your house.

Tiny little colored dividers hold a charge to allow no more than 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 volts of energy to be allowed at any given time.

Any person I’ve every known that turned on a hair dryer in a hotel room hears that lovely, “Pop!” when the circuit breaker is overloaded with too much energy. Yet, without that guard standing sentinel, the energy would blow through to kingdom come lighting fires across your neighborhoods.

Stay with me here. Energy – being divided between the sections of your home. We’ll come back to this point in a moment.

Electricity is one of those things we take for granted until a Hurricane shows up, a Blizzard or Severe Thunderstorms that tend to knock out the power. In the day and age we live in, it’s a very simple concept to practically use energy without thinking too much about it, unless you’re the one paying the Utility bill.

Redirect your focus for a moment back to the original question. Is there such a thing as GOOD energy or BAD energy? Energy is Energy!

To determine whether the energy is being USED for either something good or bad would be dependent on the USER.

Take a toddler, moving from room to room, exploring with his mouth, hands and eyes. The toddler knows no danger, and with safety measures in place we can all rest easier knowing the toddler is clear of any harm. Unless, someone forgot to cover the electrical outlet in the wall. Something as small as a toddler’s fingers prodding inside too far, and, “Wham!” The child will catch a volt of energy, thus deeming the energy = harmful.

Let’s take that a few steps further, still. For my second degree, I went to Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, TX. Pretty town, Huntsville, TX. It has large, looming pine trees, and one of the highest elevations in the state across from a tire garage downtown.

I remember sitting in my classrooms, and occasionally, every few weeks or so, the lights in the classrooms would go dark for a few seconds at a time. Why? Because Texas is still a state that has a very active Electric Chair to dole justice out in full measure. The electrical voltage running to that chair was so great that it would knock out the power for up to three blocks radius. Electric chair in Huntsville, TX = deadly.

FIRST POINT: “Too much of ANY energy could be harmful or even deadly.”

Let’s put the average family of three inside of a house again, and let’s talk about energy being used on the opposite end of the spectrum. Teenager is in his room practicing an electric guitar. Mom is in the kitchen using electric beaters to make some cornbread. Dad is in the garage trying to figure out how to use his new circular saw to cut some timber.

Three people using energy differently and productively. But, one is a Master at a certain task, another is a Novice and one has no clue what the heck he is doing.

Can you guess who is who? Yes, that’s right. Mom is the Master. She’s used those electric beaters so many times over the years there is no one in the house better at mixing up some cornbread.

The Teenager would be the Novice, and I say that because as a musician myself I understand the cost of one of those pretty electric guitars and amps you see there in the picture. If one of my own children came to me with such a request for purchasing one, I’d need some pretty good evidence they’ve committed themselves to the art. This kid’s mom and dad must believe he really is that good to warrant such an expense, thus a Novice. If he were expert, he’d have bought his own guitar by now.

And, finally, we’ve got Dad in the garage. I’m not saying all guys and gals couldn’t or wouldn’t be wise on the circular saw. I threw that example in there because I have a brother that wasn’t very knowledgeable on a circular saw, and on a certain particular day he cut off two of his fingers while I ran back to snatch the remnants of those fingers from off the saw. Those things are dangerous. Be careful out there!

Three people using energy differently, at different rates and at different levels of expertise.

SECOND POINT: “Energy is something we can master over time, but not all energy is familiar to us – we have to practice and stay aware.”

Let’s now piece all of this together through an Astrology Chart. This first chart I’m thinking of is called a Birth or Natal Chart. One of my favorite sites is: and there you can plug in the needed information to see your own birth chart for free! You’ll need your birth date, birth place and birth time. Birth time is one of the most crucial pieces of information – so, don’t leave that out! If you don’t have your birth time, you can always order a certified copy of your ORIGINAL birth certificate from your county or province, if your county or province does that sort of thing. Most folks just call their Mom.

The Birth/Natal Chart shows you the placements of planets, stars and asteroids in your chart, but for this little exercise let’s call it our Circuit Breaker Panel.

Human behavior is the result of energy flowing through those planets into different areas of our lives. Just like energy is sent from the circuit breaker panel into different areas of our homes.

The results of how the energy is displayed is as different as Mom in the kitchen with the beaters, Teenager in the room with the electric guitar or Dad in the garage with the circular saw. We are all three: Master (at some skills), Novice (at some skills) and flat out dumb (at some skills).

History and Astrology go hand in hand, and for thousands of years humans have been tracking the movement of planets, stars and asteroids. Regarding certain planetary energies, humans would define the energy by looking back at history and recording the results. Over time, it became easier to see how certain energies would be played out in different areas of the chart. This also gives us methods to track movement, like weather patterns, as energies shift and change on a moment-to-moment basis.

It would be very similar to someone watching as a person took out the vacuum cleaner and watched him or her clean the carpets. Over time, the procedure could be clocked, times and even placed inside of a graph, if we so chose. If we watched Mom in the kitchen making cornbread several thousands of times, we’d be able to clock that measure of energy, as well.

Breaking it all down one more time:

· The Birth/Natal Astrology chart is our own person circuit breaker that divides energy out to sections of our lives.

· Energy can be used for something great or something harmful.

· Energy is something we can master, over time, but we all have energy that could use a little work.

The unique part of learning your individual chart, though, is that your soul is unique in the cosmos. Your energy may stay along the same lines as history marks it, but it may also have it’s own differences, as well. This tool of Astrology is a fabulous gauge to learn how energy flows through you, and over time by using your own personal circuit breaker panel – there are also ways to help yourself make decisions, understand yourself and how you respond to others and sometimes even to see possible future events unfold in your life.

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